Thursday 12 May 2016



(in which I realise I haven't written anything for ages and haven't updated things in longer)

Things I haven't written about:
1. Jane Eyre reloaded/round three/returns
2. Jane Austen round two (This Time Its Persuasion)
3. Venus Quarry for pluck. Productions
4. The Big Step into the unknown
5. Various Bits of Costume Work (both done and things upcoming)
6. All the life stuff, which I (obviously) don't write about on here.


JANE EYRE happened again, and it was lovely. The reviews page and past projects page will include those things soon.

Currently (as of May 2016), PERSUASION is on at the Rosemary Branch. I think I may have done some of my better work on this production. And it finishes with a hornpipe, so that makes me pretty happy, indeed. It'll be on at the Vera Fletcher Hall and then the Brockley Jack Studio Theatre in June.

VENUS QUARRY was a new play a directed for pluck. for Catford Upon Avon, a Shakespeare festival at the Broadway Theatre Catford. It was a joy to work with pluck. again, they are a brilliant company - not to mention, its always nice to work on something that doesn't have long skirts and bonnets and bowing and curtsies (much as I love all those things).

The Big Step into the Unknown is that I'm going freelance properly in June. Which means I shall be trying to get my work published and do directing and costuming and do all the things that go along with that. Its a bit of a scary prospect, but really a very excellent one. It needs to happen.

Costume stuff happening mostly has to do with Honey Tongued productions, for whom I costumed Twelfth Night last year, in Dubrovnik. This year's Croatian production is Hamlet, which is going to be glorious. And Twelfth Night is going to Vienna in November!

Will write some proper reflections on Persuasion soon...
Philip Honeywell and Anne McPhilemy
photo by Jason Eddy

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