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In which I adapted, designed, and directing Pride & Prejudice. Oh, and I sourced the music too, but that was a rather afterthought.

I read an article the other day that said (in a nutshell) that humble-bragging is bad for one's health. So I'm going to endeavour not to humble-brag, but instead simply and clearly say that I am inordinately proud of the work that I did. I know it was good work. The cast were lovely, the reviews were fine, the audience seemed to enjoy it, and I'm relatively sure that I'm getting this adapting lark down to a relatively good science. 

If you want to read what other people said about P&P, have a look at the reviews page. One person's opinion, though, I do want to draw your attention to. Andrew Davies, the author of the BBC Pride & Prejudice adaptation came to see my production and had this to say:

Carla Freeman, George Haynes & Alice Coles in Pride & Prejudice
Photo Credit Bill Knight
Just a word to say I very much enjoyed and admired Bryony Thompson' s witty and economical adaptation.

Her used of Austen's third-person narrative as well as her dialogue took a little time to get used to, but paid dividends, particularly when several different voices were expressing Elizabeth's thoughts, and again in Darcy's second proposal, which I found unexpectedly touching.

It provided opportunities for a small professional cast to display their versatility - I imagine it would work equally well with a larger amateur cast and less doubling.

best wishes

Andrew Davies
And that's a pretty excellent report, all things considered.

Emilia Williams & Danny Frost in Pride & Prejudice
Photo Credit Bill Knight

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