Friday 1 July 2016


In which I frankly and unashamedly tell you that I'm available for work.

So after nearly five years of being based at the Rosemary Branch Theatre in Islington, I've taken the leap and "gone freelance". And what does that mean, you ask? It means that I'm a bit living on my savings, a bit applying for things here and there, and working out how I can continue to live the way I want to live, in the city I want to live in, whilst making work I want to make. 

What work is that, exactly? I'm not sure. Definitely directing. Certainly costume design/making. Some writing. Those kinds of things. So. I'm officially Available For Work. And while I do have the odd thing scheduled for the rest of this year, I also would like to schedule in more things (obviously).

But I'm also (trying) to be a bit zen about all this -- so I'm doing that thing where you put the intention or whatever out into the universe and put trust into it. The right thing will come up. The right work will come along. 

So there it is. What happens next? 

We shall see...

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