Tuesday 10 February 2015



Or, in which I once again embrace doing too many things.

We're about to head into rehearsal (well, six odd days away, anyway) for PRIDE & PREJUDICE! I'm very pleased. Partly because it is a rather lovely thing to be once again working on something that is self-generated, partly because the cast seems to be pretty brilliant, partly because I'm very happy with where the script is, partly because - oh, you know, that really gorgeous feeling that is overwhelming prevalent at the beginning of working on a show which is a mixture of nerves, adrenalin, anticipation etc etc. 

So, if you happen to be in London in March or the very beginning of April, pop on your glad rags, jump in your mechanized carriage of choice, and come and watch what I think will be a little gem of a piece.

Here is the poster. I think you'll agree that is really rather nice. The inimitable Bill Knight took the photo, John from upstairs stood in for Darcy, and that is the really rather lovely Emilia Williams as Elizabeth Bennet.

And this is what we're saying in a slightly more formal way about this production:

Following the success of last year's Jane Eyre ("Fringe theatre at it's best" - The Stage), Bryony J. Thompson turns her attention to regency romance with a new adaptation of Jane Austen's most popular novel. Thompson's passion for language shines and adherence to the original text shines through in this soaring feelgood romp.

Through the magic of theatre, a cast of seven multiplies to include all your favourite characters. Watch sparks fly between fine-eyed Elizabeth and proud Mr. Darcy, sigh with sweet tempered Jane over the affable Mr. Bingley, and raise your eyebrows as extravagantly silly Lydia meets her match in the rakish Mr. Wickham. It is almost too much for Mrs. Bennet's nerves.  

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